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Whoa, Part II

So I just got off the phone with the folks in Arizona. Evidently they are starting up a new program, and they want me to be THE central faculty member that they hire other people around. They're offering me more money than my boy is making as a full-time Java programmer, plus benefits, and they've said that if I want to continue my research then I can work as little as 32 hours a week and take the rest of the time for classes, research and publication. They also want me to help them develop the NATIONAL CURRICULUM for their game design programs. But you know how I really know they want me? They offered to find the boy a job teaching Java in order to get me to come out there!!

The real whoa part? According to my advisor, when I get my degree I can expect to be deluged with offers like this - some of which will be from serious places, not just random colleges in Tempe. Whoa.

So it seems like I don't necessarily want to take the job - I'd rather stick around Columbia, publish, do research, and wait for something better (and hopefully not in Tempe!). It's kind of reassuring, though, to know that even though I had to turn down last month's game design job, I really will get other offers in the future. Like, you know, yesterday's.
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