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The Superhero Meme, from tsukechick

1) If I were a superhero/ine, what would my power be?

2) What would my supername be?

3) Would I have some sort of superweapon?

4) What would my secret identity be?

5) What kind of supervehicle would I drive?

6) Who or what whould be my super sidekick?

7) Would I belong to a supersociety or group, and if so, which one?

8) Give me three archvillains to fight!

9) How long will it take me to beat them?
a) I'll have the situation in hand in a tidy half-hour.
b) It might take me a couple episodes. I've gotta power-up first...
c) I'll never beat them! Those guys are wily!

10) Are you gonna put this up on your journal so we can tell you how super you are?
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