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Things I Have Learned This Weekend

- It's a small world, and it's a lot smaller if you know people in the SCA.
- People who say that all stories are equally good really annoy me.
- Everyone sounds smarter when they're talking to an audience rather than reading the full text of their paper word for word.
- I need to watch Star Trek. (Notice how I buried this one in here? But much as I hate to say it, I think I do.)
- One can make an academic career out of saying very obvious things, so long as the subject is obscure enough. Oy.
- Finding an ally or two at a conference can turn it from socially nerve-wracking to fun.
- Spanikopita is delicious.

I have more academic thoughts - mostly on the topics of authorship, creativity and collaboration - which are all out of my head and in my notebook already, so I don't want to write about them again. Maybe I'll post some ongoing thoughts tomorrow on the train, trying to distill the stuff I've been thinking about into a few major themes. I also came up with a bunch of interesting study ideas so I should go through and note those.

The best professional thing I did so far this weekend, though, was making contact with David Herman. He studies cognition and narrative, and his methodology and writings have been a big inspiration for me. He gave me a reading list and pointed me to someone doing work on role-playing at NYU (!!!), in terms of looking at moment-to-moment cognitive construction of stories. Rock out!

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