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Good News and Bad News

Due April 23:
Prepare for Passover.

Due May 1:
Abstract for Bryn's RPG anthology.
10-page paper for literary theory class.

Due May 8:
Prepare talk for MIT conference.
15-page paper on cognitive theories of learning.

Due May 13th:
Playable version of Wiped! for game design class. Status: only the introduction and wishlist are left to write up. I would have finished it today if not for . . . .

Due May 15th:
25-35 page paper on "radical play" for my social theory class. Status: outline complete, notes made, frantically researching, not happy.

Due May 20th:
30,000 words on the RPG-book project. Status: 6,500 words down. Outlining for Chapter Two complete.

The good news is that my game is almost done and the RPG book project is moving again . . . . but the bad news is that my social theory paper seems to be 10-20 pages longer than I thought it had to be, and I am kind of freaking out and not sure I can write that much. Yikes!! Also, the PDFs of the readings from last semester don't seem to be searchable, which means I have to hunt through all my old notes looking for the references I need. NOT GOOD.
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