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Writing Progress

Wow, without this social theory paper hanging over me, I'm really making progress on other things. Finished Tabula Rasa (though it needs one more edit-through before I turn it in tomorrow) and have progressed another 1,000 words on the RPG project. By the end of the day today we'll have completed 10,000 words, which is 40% of the 25,000 we're contracted for. (30,000 turned out to be a math error. Oops!) I'm really glad we had these two extra weeks to work; there's no way we could have done this without me being able to write and edit full-time next week. By the end of the weekend, though, we should be at close to 20,000 words which means I can spend most of next week editing, polishing and re-writing instead of frantically trying to bang words down on the page.

I'm really glad that I did NaNoWriMo last year; without that experience, I don't think I would be able to do this effectively. I have an over-developed inner critic which makes me obsess about finding just the right word. Learning how to shut that critic down ("I'll edit later! I swear!") means that I can write thousands of words a day if I have to. It's not just useful for writing contracted work, it's an immensely useful academic skill too. And as long as I keep my editing promises to myself, the writing turns out just fine!

I'm going to see if I can get another 200-500 words done, then head outside. God, I love May in Central Park . . . .
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