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DIGRA, Day 0

In Vancouver. Totally exhausted. Debating whether to go down to the game exhibition, or just to pass out; the game thing is open until 11pm, but my body thinks it's three hours later and I've been in transit for about ten hours. Bed is winning so far, though I also kind of wish I knew where Gus was. I'm supposed to meet up with her at some point. Maybe I'll plan to get up early tomorrow, and let tonight take care of itself. SO TIRED!

Something I learned today: when planning to take the train out to Newark Airport midday, allow LOTS of time for the fact that trains to the airport only run every hour or so around lunchtime. I ended up barely making my flight, and that only by dint of panicking and taking a cab at the last possible minute.

Also, I learned that when they say "food available" on the flight, they don't mean it's a meal. I've been subsisting on Oreos and tortilla chips since Chicago, and I can't remember the last time I felt so greasy (and yet so creamily delicious!). Am I too tired to go find food? Hmmmm.

Despite how damn long it takes to get here, I do love Vancouver. The natural setting is gorgeous (mountains! water! trees!) and the city is nicely sized, big enough to have all the amenities you really want (great bookstores and restaurants) but small enough to feel comfortable. I'm wondering whether I want to be looking at jobs here when I graduate from Columbia . . . .

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