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Not A Moron, Really

I just realized that I forgot to make the rest of my DIGRA posts public. So, uh, they are now, if you care to go back and read 'em.

In less obtuse news, I'm getting ready for Origins, including putting together a little flier to gather subjects for my research. I'm obsessing about the flier a little bit, but I'm going to try to get it finished tonight so I get about two hundred copies made. Of course, I also need to pack for Origins, get my tickets for GenCon, deal with some family stuff and do at least a little bit of work before I go. Yikes.

On the screw-productivity front, I've discovered that Amazon has finally, finally implemented multiple wish-lists per account. What this means is that I can distinguish between the many uses I make of my Wish List. Hurray! Currently I've got a list of hardcover books that I want to get once they're in softcover, a list of out-of-print stuff I want to keep my eye out for, a list of research material for my professional work, and another list of project-specific research material (like books for Gloria Mundi, for the next play that I'm writing, and for other personal stuff). Plus I've got a "Current Lusts" list which I'm going to try to keep updated with only stuff that will make me extremely, excessively happy. I've always used my Wish List to keep track of all kinds of media that I need, particularly books about games and narrative (as well as games and narratives themselves!), so Amazon just made my life a lot easier.

On the coughing-my-lungs-up front, I seem to have acquired a very nasty cough/sore throat/headache. Thanks to hot tea, kitties, and the company of rscott and thran, I'm feeling quite cheerful. However, it isn't really helping me get anything done . . . .

I think I may just resign myself to having tomorrow be a get-random-stuff-done day instead of a work-oriented day. Since Origins is a professional event for me, I think that's at least partly okay . . . .

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