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The Good News Is Always Bad News Too

Good news: my paper on role-playing and MMO games got into NRC (the National Reading Conference)! This is evidently a rather hard conference to get into, so I'm excited I even managed to get in. Now, of course, I have to turn my proposal into a realistic and meaningful paper . . . yikes!

The bad news, on the other hand, is that now I have a fourth paper to write in the not-so-far-away future. I've got two that must be done by the end of summer (the "radical play" paper for school, and the virtual worlds in role-playing book chapter for bneuensc). Fortunately I know what I'm writing for the first, it's just a question of finishing the reading that I need to do, and the second is already about halfway done. I'd like to get another two to four participants, though, and that might take some time. Then I've got a journal article (the larger version of my role-playing study, which addresses social and technological issues as well as some of the stuff I'm writing about for Bryn) and this NRC paper (agency and authority in interactive storytelling, including RPGs and MMOGs) to deal with. My friend Bill keeps telling me that we should put in more conference proposals over the summer, but man, I've already got a lot of writing to do. Maybe just one? The nice thing is, if I can figure out a clear argument I can write an outline and hand it off to him. Doing things collaboratively will mean less work for me.

*ponder ponder*

This may not be interesting to you folks, but writing it out helps me figure out what to work on next. :)

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