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And Some People Are Bizarre

As I've mentioned before, I'm hooked into this weird arts-media-technology-hipster community here in New York, which means I occasionally get invited to bizarre events. (My favorite? The guy who wanted me to help him test his jet-engine-powered motorbike. I said no, as I don't want to DIE HORRIBLY. It sounded like a neat project, though.)

Recently, though, I've also been getting invitations from a much swankier set, which just culminated in an invite to what sounds like a party where I would be horribly uncomfortable. The guy is renting out a SoHo loft, catering (with full bar), getting two fairly famous DJs, and putting everything on his company's expense account for what he calls a "small, private, intimate, swank" going-away party. Did I mention he's only leaving for two months? Part of me really wants to go; the other part reminds me that these people are not my tribe, even if part of me kind of wishes I were much hipper and much swankier than I actually am.

The weird part is, I'm not sure why these people are at all interested in me. The art-media-tech folks I can understand - but this organizer of this party dates models and spends his time working the party scene. What he wants with a fairly geeky game designer, I couldn't tell you. Maybe he just knows that I'm super-cutting-edge. (Ha.)

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