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Calling All Gamers

Hey folks: if you're a gamer (and even if you're not), you can make a difference in the future of story-telling by fostering innovation in the role-playing game industry. Go to the GenCon Awards site and vote for Capes in the Best Rules and Best Game categories. It's a fantastic superhero game with an innovative system, and it focuses on storytelling rather than on "crunch." It deserves to have a shot against the big-name games out there which aren't actually doing much of anything new (but have all the hype they could ever ask for!).

You can check out Capes for free at the game site; the "lite version" is available via PDF. So please pass this along, and give a deserving game a chance at the prestige it deserves!

(And if anyone wants to play, well, I'm totally up for it. Just as soon as I finish one or two of the other things I'm supposed to be doing.)
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