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How Rude!!!

So, I was pretty excited about this ludium, the game that's also a conference that's also a game. It sounded like a lot of fun and I guessed a lot of really interesting people would be there.

Well, guess what? A lot of really interesting people will be there - on Thursday and Friday, by invitation only. And what did the rest of us poor shlubs rate? An invitation to come on Saturday and pay to watch the participants present the work they did at the fun part of the conference. That's right, folks. These geniuses expect us not only to come out to Indiana for a single day in order to play B-listers, but they also expect us to pay through the nose for the privilege. $500 for one day? What the hell is this?

Look, there's nothing wrong with having a closed-list conference. I've been to a few and been not-invited to a few. It's usually not a big deal. This, on the other hand, seems calculated to rub the attendees' superiority in the faces of those who didn't rate an invite. It is mean, and nasty, and guaranteed to piss off the scholars, builders and researchers who didn't make the A-list.

Am I being overly vitriolic? Check out the site, and you tell me.

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