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Further Gloria Mundi Thoughts

On the other hand, even if this story arc wasn't entirely narratively satisfying, I did get reminded that my players are absolutely amazing. We ended up in a post-game conversation about what their old contacts, friends and enemies were up to now. One of the players pointed out that few had advanced as fast as they did; in fact, many of their old friends and enemies had stayed in the Fifth District. They sat around shaking their heads and talking about what a bad idea it was to have powerful but disgruntled Kindred running around as rabble - and how in character, they really didn't care, or actively wanted to protect what was going on. The players knew that they were walking toward social instability and implosion, but that's something that they seem to really enjoy. And I'm proud of them for being able to take pleasure in that, and I'm proud of the story that we've made which successfully gives them these conflicting motivations. Go us! Even a not-so-great story arc does have its rewards and satisfactions. :)

(I suspect the players may also think this story arc was more successful than I did. It was fun, even if not narratively satisfying.)
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