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A Little Woo Woo

Maybe everyone else found out about this long before I did, but I've discovered that Amazon has begun selling sex toys. Does this indicate that someday we're going to develop a healthy attitude toward sex in this country? With all the hype about Hot Coffee (and yes, they lied about the content, but my god, have you seen what everyone's up in arms about?), I've been wondering why the problem seems to be with sex itself, not sexuality and sexual behavior. Have you ever read Glamour? Believe me, Hot Coffee is a lot less sexually provocative; it just happens to be more visually explicit. Of course, that gets into the whole valorize-words-over-images-despite-our-image-centric-culture problem (you see, Glamour can talk about hot sex positions as long as it doesn't have photos, because that's not diiiiirty), and the misunderstandings and fear of new media, and, oh, all that fun stuff. Some days it's like hitting a horse in a barrel.

Also, for the record, evidently I'm not the only knitter out there who games. While it's not as close to the costume as I might like, you can knit yourself a Samus Aran sweater. This is, perhaps, funnier if you know both Metroid and the Aran-style family of knits. Me, I just love the color.
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