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Help! (MMORPG Players Wanted)

Um, hi, folks. I could use a little help.

You see, I did a Bad Thing and put off a piece of research just a little bit too long. Hence, I am in fairly urgent need of people to interview, and I'm wondering whether any of you (or your friends, or friends of friends) would be interested in talking to me.

This time, I'd like to talk to people who play MMORPGs, or who have in the recent past (no more than one year ago). Ideally these people would do at least some role-playing (even if it's fairly light) and at least some social leadership (official or unofficial). Is this you?

Please comment if you're willing to be interviewed, or if you have friends who are willing, since I'd like to talk to people this week if possible. The interview takes about ninety minutes and is conducted by IM. If you talk to me, your feelings and thoughts on games will be immortalized for posterity! Plus I'll be your best friend!
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