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Mon, Nov. 7th, 2005, 07:36 am
Help! (MMORPG Players Wanted)

Um, hi, folks. I could use a little help.

You see, I did a Bad Thing and put off a piece of research just a little bit too long. Hence, I am in fairly urgent need of people to interview, and I'm wondering whether any of you (or your friends, or friends of friends) would be interested in talking to me.

This time, I'd like to talk to people who play MMORPGs, or who have in the recent past (no more than one year ago). Ideally these people would do at least some role-playing (even if it's fairly light) and at least some social leadership (official or unofficial). Is this you?

Please comment if you're willing to be interviewed, or if you have friends who are willing, since I'd like to talk to people this week if possible. The interview takes about ninety minutes and is conducted by IM. If you talk to me, your feelings and thoughts on games will be immortalized for posterity! Plus I'll be your best friend!

Mon, Nov. 7th, 2005 01:50 pm (UTC)

eh, last year i was playing Vendetta Online for a while. i attempted some roleplaying online (though not in the forums), but i didn’t engage in any politicking or group-building (though i did make game design suggestions). i think i’d be pretty small beer as far as potential interview subjects go, but i’d be happy to talk to you if you can’t find anyone better, and even if you can.


Mon, Nov. 7th, 2005 10:17 pm (UTC)

Thanks, my darling Steve! It sounds like you might not have done quite what I'm looking for, but talking to you would be the best way to find out. :)

Mon, Nov. 7th, 2005 02:10 pm (UTC)

Thanks to YOU I am forced to enjoy the wonders of WoW! So of course I will be your research subject. Or was this your evil plan all along?

Also, check with gooberfishbowl, ask about her husband, joelbeckum, and the aptly named grumpjedi.

Mon, Nov. 7th, 2005 10:13 pm (UTC)

Thanks for the pointers, boffo! I'll definitely ask them if they'd be willing. As for you, I am hoping to save you for my RP/storytellers group instead of using you for the MMO section, but if I need you I will definitely ping. :)

Tue, Nov. 8th, 2005 07:39 pm (UTC)

Oh! And as a side-note, I can most likely get my husband to be interviewed as well.

Tue, Nov. 8th, 2005 08:52 pm (UTC)

I appreciate the offer, but I'd rather not interview people who actually play together (which I assume you and your husband do?). I'll email you today about setting up a time to talk, though. :)

Thank you so much!

Mon, Nov. 7th, 2005 02:39 pm (UTC)

I'm a complete scut puppy in my CoH guild and we aren't really RPers, though we do have a section for fiction in our forums. If you want me to, I can check with the more prolific players in the group to see if they will help. Just let me know.

Mon, Nov. 7th, 2005 10:14 pm (UTC)

Thanks, czech - if there's anyone in your guild who'd like to be interviewed, I'd really appreciate that. They can email me at jh2354 at columbia dot edu to set up a time!

Tue, Nov. 8th, 2005 07:11 pm (UTC)

I gave out the info to some guild leaders. We'll see what results.

Tue, Nov. 8th, 2005 08:53 pm (UTC)

Thanks so much! I've already gotten a couple of emails, and I really appreciate your help!

Mon, Nov. 7th, 2005 03:48 pm (UTC)

I've played DaoC and CoH and of course I roleplay and I'm more then willing to help if I can. But finding time to talk to you via IM is gonna be hard because of my schedule. I work 3:30 to 12 midnight M-F CST... If you want to send me questions via email instead, I'll happily answer them asap...


Mon, Nov. 7th, 2005 10:10 pm (UTC)

Can I interview you Wednesday morning before you go to work? Email me, jh2354 at columbia dot edu, and let's talk!

Tue, Nov. 8th, 2005 06:51 am (UTC)

I assume you wish me to email you wednesday AM when I get up so we can meet online which is fine by me. I will probably be contacting you around 11:30 CST or so...

my email is kelemvour at yahoo dot com if you wish to email me. That is also my email for both MSN and Yahoo messengers.


Wed, Nov. 9th, 2005 11:09 am (UTC)

Hi Kel -

Your email is not working; please email me!