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The Weekend

Half my friendslist seems to have a tradition of writing about their weekend; mine was particularly nice this week, so I figured I'd hop on board.

Friday night we had Gus and her new(ish) boyfriend over for Shabbat dinner. The new guy seemed very nice but kind of quiet; on the other hand, Gus had a zillion ideas as usual and talked for both of them. Despite the boy getting home late from work and us having to make dinner in a big rush, the food was fantastic, so overall I'd say it was a success. It's the first time we've done a Shabbat dinner in about five weeks due to massive stress on both our parts, so I'm just happy we invited folks and did one.

Saturday, the boy and I were both kind of sick, so it worked out well that Nobilis got cancelled due to unexpected people-not-showing-up. It's too bad, as I had neat stuff planned, but I guess I can drop it on them next week! On the bright side, we got to hang out with rscott for a couple of hours, which was really nice. Beyond that, the boy and I drank a lot of tea, went to the bookstore after it got dark, and watched Gilmore Girls. Not a very exciting day, but somehow just what I needed.

Sunday, we did a five-mile walk (across the park, up half a mile, then down a mile and a half to one of our favorite restaurants, then walked back after lunch), bought some new videogames, and dropped by the animal rescue we foster for on our way home. The boy played an impressive amount of World of Warcraft while I whined in jealousy about how my computer was broken, but then I decided I would rather read in any case, so I devoured a couple of books and some tasty dinner that he made me while I wasn't looking. Nice boy.

Unfortunately, I also figured out what I want to do for NaNoWriMo. The difficulty? I so cannot afford to do NaNoWriMo right now. I have interviews to do and conferences to prepare for. I don't have time to write a novel this month, even if I am sufficiently enamored with the idea to have written nearly three pages of notes today. Oy.

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