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Kill, Kill, Kill, Yet Again

From the New York Times science section:

But advancing chromosomal recombination is the point of sex, and advancing sex is the point of pheromones, courtship displays, the taking of female captives in war and romantic love. Consequently, said Dr. David C. Page, a specialist in Y chromosomes at the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge, Mass., without males there would not only be no war, but also "no poetry, literature, music, advertising or fashion." "A Thousand Clones" makes lousy drama.

Uh huh. So - entirely leaving aside the whole lesbian thing - without men, women aren't capable of aspiration, inspiration, adventure, excitement, or deep feeling. I can't tell whether he's implying that there are no appropriate subjects for music, literature, etc. than the male ideas he mentions, or whether he's implying that women just aren't capable of creating those things without the impetus of men around.

People ask me why I'm so fucking annoyed all the time when people talk about love and sex like it's the most important thing in the universe; it's people like "Dr." Page, who seem to think there's nothing else to aspire to, and his fucking implications about the incapacity of women.

Fuckity fuck.
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