September 23rd, 2003

And She's Back

Hi all - I'm back from my weekend of glory and valor (a.k.a. a much-needed brief vacation), but I seem to have gotten some kind of unpleasant flu-like thing to maintain the karmic balance. I'm not exactly sick, but I've got a headache I can't seem to get rid of and feel generally grumpy.

Other reasons for grumpy: this idiotic plan makes me want to save my money under my mattress. I'm not generally a *nix evangelizer (especially after the experience of running a Linux server without actually knowing what I was doing when I started!), but Windows is just way too broken and vulnerable for me to be happy about this. Grumble.

P.S. For those hit by Isabel, if there's anything you need then please call! (Though I suppose if you're reading this, you probably have other options ....)
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More School

So the big news in my recent life is that I'm thinking about going back to school. Maybe. Theoretically. I really love school, and doing a PhD means I would pretty much get paid to learn. (Hard to say no to that!) The big problem is that I'm not sure about what program I should be going into, or whether any of the projects I have in mind are really focused enough to be a thesis, or if I'm just completely floundering as to what to do with my life and choosing school because it's an easy option.

There will be many more posts on this topic, I'm sure, as this will likely be quite a saga, but in the meantime I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the Berkeley Institute of Design. It doesn't seem like a program I should be going to, but maybe these are people I should ask for advice ... ?
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Sim Art

The SimGallery project brings real-world artists into a gallery ... in the Sims Online. I've seen (and love!) Jon Haddock's Sim-simulations, but this seems to do the opposite - instead of bringing the iconography of the Sims into a real-world artistic context, this raises the question of how we adapt real-life artistic practices into a virtual environment.
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So, thanks to Hook, I've gotten really into knitting. I find it to be almost zen-like - when I'm not feeling well, or need to do some serious thinking about a problem, I can just pick up my knitting and go with it. (Yes, I'm secretly an eccentric elderly spinster. For one thing, I'd have at least ten cats if my apartment were larger.) My first project was a very simple scarf, which is now over four feet long and hence quite scarf-like. It's off-white with textured stripes; maybe I'll put up a picture when it's done.

Anyhow, I figure I can start making various knitted objects for various people in my life. The current line-up looks like this:

  1. Baby booties for two friends of mine who are expecting. This should be an adventure.

  2. Slippers for the boy. (Likely v. similar to baby booties, but bigger.)

  3. Socks for Rob.

  4. A hat for Abby in the Ravenclaw colors.

Also I think Faith wanted something, and there has to be a present for Hook in there somewhere. If I've forgotten your request, or if anyone else wants a fuzzy knitted item (which probably won't get done for a good few months, given my pace of knitting), just let me know.

I think I'll be done with the scarf by October, so that means I get to go pick baby bootie colors! (Lime green? Pink? Thoughts?)
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