October 3rd, 2003

Road Trip

I've made a decision: I need to take a road trip. First I'll head down to DC for Keith, Malka, Josh et. al. - then swing through Virginia for my Sisters - then finish up with a visit to Jen and Jon.

You see, everyone was recently in Boston for a get-together which I couldn't make, because hosting things in Boston is always complicated for me. My parents have very concrete and strict expectations of how I spend my time when I'm with them, and it rarely includes the people I want to see; this is the second year in a row I've missed our informal Rosh Hashana gathering-of-friends and that makes me sad. So I'm not waiting until June to see my friends! Fear me, for I take matters into my own hands!
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Work Trouble

I lost my job - well, one of them. (Not the NYU gig, fortunately ...)

More details coming later, when I'm a little more coherent and less shocked.
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