November 9th, 2003

Give Early, Give Often

Unfortunately, Chanukah falls right around Christmas-time this year, which means that if I wait until then to think about gifts I'll have to put up with cranky shoppers, Santa decorations, and all the other minor miseries of living in a two-religion (Christianity, consumerism) state. So this would be a good place to suggest gifts I should give you, if you're not the I-like-surprises type, or put in requests for warm and fuzzy knitted things. I prefer to give surprises, but Chanukah is hard because there's so damn many nights to give gifts on, and I love to give people presents, so suggestions (for yourself and others!) are always appreciated. -g-
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NaNoWriMo, Day 8

Novel update:

Today - 0 words
To date - 12,687 words

Well, I'm officially a quarter done, even though I'm probably only 10% into the story due to a bad habit of introducing comic minor characters. I missed yesterday due to excessive gaming - a 7th Sea session which went remarkably well and then a Changeling LARP session which was the single most fun LARP session I've ever played in. (Admittedly I don't LARP much ....) I'm working on getting to 15,000 at least today, though.
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