December 14th, 2003


(Borrowed from iheretic.)

On my birthday ...
Ovid died. (Did I mention that after reading his poetry, I have a giant crush on that man?)
The Roman Lower Rhine army proclaimed Vitellius emperor.
Spain recaptured Granada from the Moors.
Alice Sanger became the first female White House staffer.
Mahatma Gandhi began his march for peace in East Bengal.
JFK announced his candidacy for president.
The Howard Stern show premiered.
And ... my personal favorite: the first Jewish child was born in Spain since the 1492 expulsion. This was in 1966.

What happened on yours?
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So . . . my class is over. I'm not teaching in the spring, which will make it the first spring since I moved here that I haven't been around ITP, and the first semester in the last four that I'm not teaching (including summers). I had a really good group of students this year - excited, creative, and generally bright - and it was a good way to take a break, a good note to end on. Their final projects were almost all terrific (though of course there are always problem students) - a voice-controlled basketball game, a remote-controlled car that can take photos, a powerful interactive interpretation of Richard Cory, a beautifully designed weather-interpretation program . . .

I imagine I'll be teaching again sometime soon, because I really enjoy it, but right now I need my energy to focus on other things. I've been kind of depressed recently and don't have much energy to spare, so I think it's for the best. I was actually pretty terrified about telling the school that I needed a semester off, but they were very cool about it.

(Of course, I haven't yet asked the ITP folks for a recommendation, but hopefully they'll still be happy to give me one.)
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