January 14th, 2004


I've never seriously considered getting a tattoo for several reasons, the most important of which is that I don't think I could ever look at it without thinking about my grandmother's Auschwitz tattoo.

If I cared less about that, though, these geek tattoos would totally inspire me. A few of them kind of boggle the mind, though - like why anyone would get "Volvo" tattooed in large letters across his upper back. Odd.
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Link Log

I've been shunting all my interesting links to a "deal with this later" folder, but the PlayShop looked too neat to set aside. I often don't find this kind of technological art particularly interesting (the idea of making something digital or otherwise technical often seems to shut off people's critical faculties), but they seem to have a well-curated selection of clever, useful and/or thoughtful projects.
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Today's big news (well, technically yesterday's, but I didn't get around to dealing with it until after midnight): I've been invited to give a paid lecture on interactive storytelling at SVA. I've given lectures at conferences before, but generally it's been airfare-and-lodging, which when it comes down to it is probably more cash, but feels a lot less like money in my pocket. I'm just excited that I'm actually getting paid to talk about my work: I've managed to get lots of work right around the borders of my interests, but this is one of the first few times I'm actually getting money for my original ideas on storytelling . . . .
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