February 21st, 2004


Just got an email, out of the blue, from an old boyfriend of mine. (Senior year of highschool, to be precise, and the one long-distance relationship I've ever had.) He's a super-smart guy and even after we broke up, I still thought of him with great fondness. Admittedly, I haven't thought about him for literally years, but we stayed friends for a while post-breakup and mostly drifted apart because we were on opposite sides of the country.

Well, now it seems like he's gone into investment banking, made a shitload of money, is taking a year off, and has emailed me to find out what he should do with it because, well, he always thought I was cool and thinks I would have some pretty good ideas about what to do. I'm really pleased to hear from him again, but I'm mostly boggled. I don't exactly feel qualified to give lifestyle advice, but I guess I'll write him tomorrow and see what I can do.

Why not write him tonight, you ask? Because I'm going to dress up like a sexy pirate and go to a party instead. If you all are very, very lucky I might even post a picture or two.
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