February 27th, 2004

Love and Pain

. . . a.k.a. Shabbat Shalom and sorry that it's been an AWOL kind of week. I've finally got my desk area unpacked and set up, which means I'm not using my computer in a posture that gives me severe back pain, which in turn means I'll be around on IM, answering email, and posting in this thing a lot more.

News: thanks to Gus (who is high on my list of people I wish I spent more time with), I found out about a program at Columbia that looks very interesting. Even better, the chairman of the department is aggressively recruiting me. So I've been filling out applications again, but this time around with a much lighter heart. It's good to be filling out applications because you want to, not because you should. The only thing that's stressing me out: asking my recommenders to write me another recommendation, when I haven't sent out my thank-you notes for writing me a recommendation in the first place. I have to gather up my social courage (what little of it I have) and just do it, though.

More news: I'm actually being paid to deliver a lecture on interactive storytelling, and paid at a rate about three times what I charge for my standard work. If I can get enough gigs like this, maybe I don't have to have a day job. -g-

Yet more news: the whole weight-loss thing is going pretty well, so far. I'm on week three of doing this seriously (watching what I eat, working out three times a week) and I don't feel miserable or deprived. Actually, I'm amazed how remarkably well I eat, and that's mostly due to the wonderfulness of the boy: he loves to cook, but instead of just cooking all the time he's encouraged me to research recipes, discover the glory of really fresh, really delicious ingredients, and try things I ordinarily don't like. I told him I want us both to be healthy because I figure we've got a lot of time together in our future, and I guess that appealed to his romantic side.

I swear I have more news, but Shabbat is quickly approaching, and I've got a busy weekend. Rachel is coming over for dinner tonight (very low-key). I've got Changeling Saturday night (and had a wonderfully productive conversation with Joe about changes in where he can take the game, so I'm really looking forward to it). I'm cooking for Triple Dinner Rush on Sunday, along with holding a Six String Samurai/Buckaroo Banzai double-feature in the evening (you're all invited), and I'm still trying to figure out whether I have time to go to the Pirate Parade on Sunday. Having an active social life is so weird. I blame thran.
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