April 10th, 2004

Kosher For Passover

Via maastrictian: Jews go to the circus!

While I'm annoyed that they wouldn't let the female performers perform, I think it's absolutely wonderful that the ultra-Orthodox take the commandment to rejoice on the holidays so seriously. I've been kind of busy with work, especially because the holiday kills four weekdays this year, but the boy and I went to the movies tonight as a Pesach rejoicement, and on our way home we bought kosher for Passover chocolate cake and ate way too much of it, because, you know, some things are worth celebrating - like the fact that my boy wants to celebrate Passover with me, this year and next year, here and in Jerusalem.
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Game Links

  • Games Get Glam: big-name authors and movie folks are getting into the game business. Goodbye, marginalization; hello, legitimacy. Maybe now I'll get fewer disbelieiving looks when I tell people what I do.

  • Games Get Marketed: Nielsen and Activision are partnering to let in-game advertisers figure out just how effective their ads are. Please note that they're only examining male gamers. Yes, I'm seeing red and will probably write some angry letters - I'm not sure what more I can do in the short term.

  • Games Get Played: rscott mentioned this little gem, and he's right - it's great. The built-in chat room to discuss tips and progress is a sweet feature, too, that one doesn't often see in this kind of light-weight experience.

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