April 11th, 2004

Bitch Sister From Hell

Just made my reservations for the Networks, Art and Collaboration conference. It looks like it's going to be really good, but I can't say it's the most organized conference I've ever been involved with. There still isn't a conference schedule, just for example . . . hopefully it will all go smoothly, though. I have to talk to them because they said they would pay for me to come up there, but I haven't heard details of how I'm getting reimbursed, so I should probably pester them. I don't know whether they'll reimburse me for my flight up there, though, because I'm stopping off to see my sister at Cornell.

This isn't just a random visit, either - though it's partly because I feel like a terrible sister, because I haven't been up to visit her there and she's graduating this year. Mostly, though, this is an oh-my-god-my-thesis visit. As the most recent thesis-completer in the family, I've got the job of helping my sister get her thesis together and finalized in time for her to hand it in. Her idea is really cool and the material she's come up with is brilliant, but she's got some issues on the project-management side, so I'm going to spend a couple of days being Bitch Sister From Hell and making sure all the i's get dotted and so on and so forth.

(I'll post more about what her project actually is when I've cleared with her that it's ok for semi-public consumption, but for the moment I can say that it's about the Cuban Jewish community and it combines creative writing with documentary photography. Is cool. I promise.)
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Money For Nothing

Also today, I got my check from SVA - the first time I've been paid in cold, hard cash (okay, a luke-warm, floppy check) to talk about interactive narrative. I've decided I want to do something special with the money, but I'm not sure what. Any ideas? I've ruled out buying books, because I do that all the time anyways, so I'm looking for suggestions for a memorable splurge object or experience.
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