April 14th, 2004


My paper was officially accepted to ISEA, the week-long party-cum-art-show-cum-conference that takes place on a ferry traveling between Helsinki, Tallinn and Stockholm. It looks like I'd be speaking in Helsinki, as part of a panel discussion on critical interaction design. I can't believe my proposal made it in - there were 1300 proposals submitted, 300 on the short list, and only about 100 in the final program - so I'm both stunned and pleased.

On the down side, I've got two big problems. First of all, my lecture would be on Shabbat, and that could get uncomfortable with the whole not-using-electricity thing. Second, they don't have funding to fly me out to Stockholm; I'd have to apply for my own funding, and I'm not even quite sure where to start looking for something like this. Not currently being affiliated with NYU is a problem, though if I accept the Columbia offer I imagine they'd be willing to send me.

I'm going to interview the Columbia people on Thursday; now I've got double incentive!
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Panic Attack

Wow, ten minutes ago I was feeling great: now I'm having a panic attack about not being prepared for this Cornell conference next weekend. Brain, please stop obsessing! It would be nice if I could stop being anxious long enough to actually do the things (like preparing for the conference) that would prevent me from making the fool of myself I think I'm about to.

I'm also wondering whether I was dumb not to apply to certain other grad school programs - NYU's Culture and Communication program, for example - because now I feel like I really have very few choices. Which, well, I do.

No! Bad brain!

Forget this self-discipline thing. I'm going to bed.
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Gym Woes

Am I a bad person because I sit around in the locker room of the gym thinking up ways to convince all the scary anorexic-looking girls who are there to put in another hour on the treadmill that they'd really be a lot happier if they just gave up on looking like boobs on a stick?
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