May 7th, 2004

Forward In Time

So, I think I posted something about the marking systems for nuclear waste dumping spots a couple of years ago, but a line in there got me thinking. Part of the instructions read "If you can read this, but only with difficulty, add markers that repeat these warnings in your own language and in materials that will last a long time." What if these sites became the Rosetta Stone of a far-future society? If the instructions were actually followed, you would be able to trace languages back, back, back through time. What would our culture look like to people thousands of years in the future if the key to what they could learn about us was how we protect them from nuclear waste?
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Fringed Out

Okay, that's kind of neat: the proposal for a multimedia theater thing that Isaac and I put together was accepted to this summer's Fringe festival. Now I have a deadline; I'd better learn to write drama real damn fast. I just hope our show doesn't go up while I'm in Scandinavia . . . .
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Do's and Don'ts

I should not, not, not, not ever look through my wishlist after just getting an unexpected check in the mail. I'm so much more responsible when I feel poor.
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