May 14th, 2004

Old School Games

This animation is a cute musical about the good old days (tm) of computer gaming. Of course, being me, I'd like it much better if there were a hint anywhere in it that girls did, could or can play games. I'm actually kind of steaming. I hate boys!
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Information Overload

So I subscribe to a whole bunch of mailing lists about art and events in New York City, and somehow every single one managed to have something mind-blowingly cool this week. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to go to them all, but here's my dream lineup:

- Saturday night, hit the Burlesque Showcase (40+ burlesque and variety performers from all over the world)
- Sunday, go to NerdNYC's full-day game-fest (nerdNYC is amazing)
- Sunday night, go to a lecture on the history of dueling
- Wednesday night, go to the Underwater James Bond party (even I'm not sure what that means!)

Of course, there's also the Amato Opera (a family of opera singers doing Lucia di Lammermoor) and the 2nd Avenue Deli party (a giant party involving lots of deli food in celebration of the 50th anniversary of one of the best Jewish delis in the city). And in my spare time, I really should join the Puppetistas (self-described raunchy, radical Spanish-language puppet theater) or just go ahead and found some kind of weird art thing of my own.
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I just got an email inviting the OMWH crew to be the GUESTS OF HONOR at a con in Chicago next May. As in, they're going to pay for us to fly out there, pay for our hotel, arrange events for people to meet us and help us put together a full-length performance of Once More, With Hobbits.

Did I mention whoa?
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You know how, sometimes, you get really nervous about something for no good reason? And you keep putting it off for weeks on end? And then you finally do it, and it goes about ten times better than you could possibly have expected and ends up with possible really, really amazing consequences?

Yeah. Me too.
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