June 14th, 2004

Capture the Flag

There's a HRSFA tradition of public games of Capture the Flag. There's nothing quite like running madly around public or semi-public spaces battling over a scrap of cloth . . . so someone's decided to bring public Capture the Flag to Brooklyn. Evidently there's going to be a Manhattan game soon, too. Nothing's off-limits, which is the best part - you can run through stores, hide in buildings, whatever. (Just don't get arrested.) It sounds like fun.
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The Want Ads I Get . . .

Jet Bike Test Area Wanted: Fine, upstanding, totally law-abiding art combine needs a place to test their jet engine. We need use of a vacant lot, or large, well-ventilated indoor space, preferably in a non-residential area. Let us use your space for a day of testing and we will take care of notifying the proper authorities and getting the proper permissions to ensure that no one gets arrested (again), as well as ensuring that no one gets killed or burnt too badly. The jet will not actually be flying around the space (unless you really, really want to) but will be hellaciously loud (like 140 decibels) and will glow red hot. In exchange, you will get to casually drop the phrase "the time I ran the jet engine" into conversation -- something that will get you so laid. The jet is ready to go, and we would like to test it as soon as possible.

I love being part of the community of artists, performers and general weirdos here! (And hey, if anyone happens to know of such a space in/around New York City, let me know.)
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