January 13th, 2005

The Big List

So, for those curious what I read this year, here's the list.

There's some stuff on it that I'm rather proud of (I genuinely thought I would not be able to finish the Tonnies) and some stuff I'm not so proud of (so sue me, I had an itch to re-read Piers Anthony). There's some re-reading and a hell of a lot of new reading; it omits all of February when I did nothing but read comics, and at least half the reading I did for school. But everything on here brought me at least a little bit of joy, and for that reason if for no other I'm glad that I kept track. This year, I'm hoping for more wonderful books, and I'm vowing to keep better track of my academic reading so I can include more of it on here.

When I've got some more time, I might even make some recommendations out of this vast pile . . . .

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