January 27th, 2005

Animal Games

Anyone know anything about this game? It seems like a fairly standard platformer, but I love the graphics style and there are way too few games where you get to play an animal. Playing a game as a bird seems like it would be particularly neat, but playing a wolf with what appears to be a flaming manhole cover on its back would be an acceptable second choice.
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Tim Lebbon

Note to self: do NOT read books by Tim Lebbon as a study break, as he does very effective and depressing horror. *shiver*
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Sweet fancy Moses, do NOT let me near a bookstore. I just went to buy my coursebooks and ended up dropping way too much money on random non-assigned sociology and on Tolstoy. And then I had to go buy one book online, and of course it didn't stop at just one book. I'm not convinced this is a less expensive habit than cocaine would be. At least cocaine doesn't have to find a spot on my bookshelves.
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Women Scientists at MIT Reference

I'm posting this link about the women scientists at MIT, mostly for myself. I've been getting emails asking what I think about the whole Larry Summers flap, and the short answer is that I'm enraged - not at what he said, but at the fact that he seems to back up his words with actions. Not only have women faculty hires declined (for the first time in two decades!) under his tenure, the lack of institutional support for the kind of fairness the MIT women professors recieved is a deafening silence. So, for those who wanted to know what I think, that's what I think. Yes, his remarks were blown out of proportion. Yes, they also seem to reflect Harvard's institutional policy - and that's the problem.
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