February 4th, 2005

Hurrah for Electronics!


I have not lost all my skill with little soldery bits; one trip to Radio Shack later, I have a working battery-powered LED-light package that is small enough to fit through the hole in the lamp and lights it up rather beautifully from the inside. I couldn't find white LEDs, though, and I also want some kind of on-off switch (IR controlled?) so I'm not hanging the thing up just yet. I can't seem to find the website for Jameson Electronics, though, which was my standby when I was doing my Masters. Anyone have a recommendation for a good place to order electronic bits 'n bobs online?
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Shameful Admission

Okay, okay, I used to be a huge Ayn Rand fan. I had a giant crush on Dagny Taggart when I was about fifteen - which, in retrospect, might have been an early indication of the whole bisexual thing - and spent the better part of four months reading and rereading all the Rand I could get my hands on.

I tried her again at twenty. The magic was gone.

After reading this article, though, I totally want to try reading Rand again. There's nothing like someone who really knows how to rant.
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