April 6th, 2005

I Am A Sheep

Meme from psychick:

1) Post a list of 10 - 15 TV fandoms/shows you follow (current or cancelled!)
2) Have your friends list guess your favorite CHARACTER from each show.
3) When guessed, bold the line and write a sentence about why you like the character.
4) Post in your own livejournal.

What's a little embarassing is that I can only come up with five TV shows, and that only by dint of including things I haven't seen all of. I really don't watch TV.

Let's start with TV shows:
1. Buffy: Willow. gamerchick got there first; Willow's smart, geeky, and OMG SO ADORABLE. I squee whenever she gets screen time.
2. Angel: Lila Morgan. I'm giving this to maastrictian on points, as she is really hot and did date Wesley; I love her deviousness, her ballsiness and the amazing moral ambiguity she personifies.
3. Babylon 5: Ivanova. gamerchick again; the lack of Ivanova is one of the major reasons I haven't watched Season 5 yet. I love both the ways in which Ivanova is competent and the ways in which she is deeply flawed. And as a woman who has a few *ahem* issues with love, I can totally get behind her story arc.
4. Firefly: Inara. psychick this time; I haven't seen the whole show yet (I'm watching it very slowly, to make it last), but what I've seen of Inara, I love. Witty, sophisticated, with her own agenda and totally in charge of her own life.
5. Sex and the City: Aidan. maastrictian got it, which is a good thing since the reason I love the character is because he reminds me so much of my boy - gentle, loving, funny, creative, utterly competent, and a little marriage-crazy. -g-

I was going to include bookverses, but I realized that the things that I really fangirl about (Charles Palliser, Iain M. Banks) might be a little too obscure for it to be much fun. Damn my eyes. So let's go eclectic (books/movies/comics) for the last five, shall we?

6. Lord of the Rings (yes, this one is a gimme if you know me): Eowyn. psychick got there first; I love Eowyn's courage and I understand her despair.
7. Preacher: Tulip. maastrictian understands my fondness for a totally normal girl who just also happens to be a hitwoman and be in love with a preacher who can speak with the Word of God.
8. Sandman
9. Dangerous Liaisons: The Marquise de Merteuil. maastrictian got it; she's devious, selfish, manipulative, cunning, and so absolutely human that you have to love her for it.
10. The Dark is Rising: Great-Uncle Merry. psychick has clearly picked up on my soft spot for mentor figures, especially amazingly cool and totally mysterious ones. Is it nasty that I totally had a crush on him?


11. Gloria Mundi: Ceara. Hurray for psychick, who realized that while Ceara isn't the most fun of my NPCs to play, she's the one with the most powerful internal story arc. For those following along at home, Ceara's story is about the struggle to grasp morality in the face of betrayal, when she doesn't entirely understand the concepts of right, just or good.
12. Noct

(PS: Shawn, yes, I am going to watch Dead Like Me - I'm just short on time and long on stress, so it is taking a while . . . .)
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