April 12th, 2005

Reading Roundup, March 2005

Well, my February book roundup was a little early; this one's a little late. Ah, the end of the semester approaches, and I tremble before its mightiness. Oh yes I do. I thought I didn't get much pleasure reading done in February, but this month has been even worse. Other than my remarkable ability to consume bad thrillers and plow through sociology, I haven't read much at all. April's reading roundup may be positively embarassing. Oops.

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Also: have you read Kevin Brockmeier's "The Brief History of the Dead" yet? No? Don't you people listen to me? Go. Now. You will not regret it.

(There's a full-length novel version coming out imminently. SQUEEEEEEEE! They're also making a movie out of it; even though the script's by David Auburn, I'm vaguely dubious. We'll see.)
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Culture and Code

A very interesting article about Intel's research about how culture impacts technology - from the fact that homes in China are tightly packed, so wireless router ranges need to be shorter, to the man who assumed that postmaster was a real person and attempted to negotiate with them for delivery of his mail. I would love to read more - fortunately there's a book on this coming out sometime soon. So, keep an eye out for Genevieve Bell . . . .
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