April 29th, 2005

Work Update

Due April 23:
Prepare for Passover. (Notes on the seders are coming soon - both were superbly awesome.)

Due May 1:
Abstract for Bryn's RPG anthology.
10-page paper for literary theory class.

Due May 8:
Prepare talk for MIT conference. Status: I've reviewed the material and made a few notes. I should make sure I can speak to an exactly-twenty-minute length.
15-page paper on cognitive theories of learning. Status: 1/3 done, research and notes completed for another 1/3, research complete for the final 1/3!

Due May 13th:
Playable version of Wiped! for game design class. Status: I've made an outline and noted the game issues I have to work out.

Due May 15th:
15-25 page paper on "radical play" for my social theory class. Status: I have a topic and a mental outline, but I haven't begun the research or put anything down on paper.

Due May 20th:
30,000 words on the RPG-book project. Status: 5,000 words down. Outlining begun for the next section.
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