May 18th, 2005


I pride myself on being - or at least on trying to be - professional in my interactions with my academic and industry contacts. Which is why I was totally shocked that someone would post the following email to a list that I'm on - especially as the list is populated by some very major names in game development.

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Am I just an old-fashioned fogey who believes that people should reserve emoticons and netspeak abbreviations for their friends, and make an effort to use little things like capital letters and correct grammar when interacting in a professional context? And what's up with the offer to send a box of Twix? Again, I can see it for a friend, not for a professional contact. I was just horrified when this hit my inbox; there are a couple of really bad offenders on the list (including one woman who sprinkles her emails with "lol" . . . in the middle of sentences with no punctuation to indicate how it's to be read) but this was a particularly egregious example. Am I way out of line to expect people to have some clue about appropriate behavior, or is email now an appropriate-free zone?
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