June 19th, 2005

Random Notes from Academia

I've been reminded, yet again, that I'm not an extrovert. My labmate is raring to go socialize more tonight, now that the conference is over; me, I'd rather shoot myself. (Only if it were somewhere non-vital, though. Toes are good.)

I do have a couple of amusing academic tidbits. First, if anyone's interested in possibly doing a PhD in game research, there's a fully-funded opening in England; information is here. Second, I just discovered Cauda Pavonis, which seems to be a journal of Hermetic Studies. I'm wondering whether subscribing would give me a score in Magic Theory. -g-

Updates on days 2 and 3 of the conference later - but for the record, I filled an entire notebook with thoughts, comments, and ideas for future research. I need a new notebook!!
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DIGRA, Day 2

Long day yesterday; somehow it seemed longer and harder than yesterday, even though I got a good night's sleep and crashed out early rather than head to the dance party. Again, my brain is full o' stuff but I'll give you guys the short version.

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I might have been a little cranky with my boy via IM last night . . . oops? Though I'm feeling better now, I was feeling both socially and professionally inadequate. I thought not presenting at this conference was a rational decision, given my workload this past semester, but it made me feel irrationally stupid and voiceless, especially when I had to explain to various professional contacts that, no, I wasn't speaking. Even worse, I'm feeling my usual "OMG everyone else is so smart I will never have a useful idea my ideas are dumb and derivative" panic. I just have to keep reminding myself that it's okay to feel that kind of panic, but it's not realistic. (Yeah, right. Well, a girl can try.) Skipping the party also made me feel like everyone else is doing the whole social-networking thing which I'm not really very good at. On the other hand, I had some really good conversations today, including with a girl who's writing a book on sci-fi and fantasy in games, and who might be able to hook me up with her series editor, which would be super. I'd much rather write for people than talk to them. :) Also, dinner tonight was pretty socially sweet, but more on that in its proper place.

Okay. Bed now.
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