June 28th, 2005

W. T. F.

As far as I can tell, I have just been invited to join the new-media equivalent of the Illuminati.

Or this may be an exceptionally elaborate prank.

I can't tell.

Off to do internet research.


Internet research reveals that while these people are really, really neat (a new media/art/game collective that's invited me to join), they are not actually funded to the extent that they implied. Though they totally got me for about ten minutes. -g-
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Con Prep

Getting ready for Origins (this weekend) and GenCon (end of August). These are quite professional events for me, since I'll be looking for more RPG writing work, talking up the games I'm designing, and recruiting subjects for my research at Columbia. Hence, tax deduction! Yay!

This post is actually to inquire whether anyone would like to change their mind at the last minute to come with us to Origins, share our room at Origins, share a room at GenCon or have me pick up various gaming paraphenalia for them. Ponder, folks.
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