July 3rd, 2005


Having a ball at Origins. Played a ton of games, discovered about a zillion new RPGs and other games I want to try, hung out with friends, ate way too much greasy fast food, made research contacts, verified that I will likely be working on two RPG projects within the next year, made contacts to pick up new writing work, found two publishers who want to see Tabula Rasa (and boffo9, I really need to get back to you on your extremely helpful comments!!) . . . .

. . . but the most exciting part was seeing my name (and the boy's!) on a real live book cover!

Everyday Heroes, the first supplement for Phil Brucato's urban fantasy game Deliria, is going to be released at GenCon this year. They had a mockup for display with a copy of the cover, though, and I got to see it! And touch it! And stuff! Yes, there was fondling. No, it's technically not my first published work, but academic articles just aren't the same. Plus they don't put your name on the cover! It even looks like we'll be doing a signing, with rscott, at GenCon.


*double squee*

*passes out*
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