August 1st, 2005

Journal Use

So, anyone want to give me advice on how I end up using this journal?

There are two reasons I'm asking, so even if you don't care much about one, feel free to pipe in with advice on the other.

First, I made a community called game_research and am going to begin pimping/posting at some point. But I'm wondering whether I want people to be able to get back to this journal from there. I'm already fairly liberal with my friends-locking because I don't want personal stuff floating around in a professional context. However, this is still a personal journal in which I do post things I wouldn't want active in my professional life. Should I lock all my entries friends-only? Should I create a new account with which to found game_research and participate in other professional communities? I would love some advice and/or ideas.

(The implication, by the way: please do not publicize or friend game_research just yet. I'll post here when it's ready to go live.)

Second, would people be interested in hearing more about Gloria Mundi, our long-running Roman epic? I've been considering writing about GM for a while for several reasons, but I'd like feedback as to whether anyone else would care. I'm also curious whether people would prefer a straight-up narrative of what happened, or if impressions and storytellers' notes would be more interesting. Finally, would people prefer that I lock these entries to keep my players out (I can talk more freely, but it'll be less fun for me and them), not post anything too sensitive, or combine the two?

Thanks, folks. I know I haven't had that much time to update recently (or maybe more accurately, I've had time but I've been doing so much writing that the last thing I want to do in my spare time is write more) but I do always come back to this thing, if only 'cause I love you all. :)
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