August 24th, 2005

Three Most Annoying Things

Tagged from boffo9.

List three things that annoy the hell out of you, then tag six people to do the same. (And, for the record, I'm interpreting "annoy" as "irrationally bother." I'm pretty rationally bothered by a whole lot of things - like, say, people imposing their religious beliefs on me through the law - but that's a lot more than an annoyance.)

1. I'm with boffo9: bad table manners drive me nuts. Noisy eaters, mouth-open eaters, slurpers, gum-crackers - they all make me want to spork out my eyeballs or, preferably, my ears.

2. Psychobabble. If you're talking to me about "inner voices" and "the critic in your head," I'm going to think you're a little nuts, not psychologically enlightened (particularly so if you're extremely proud of how emotionally aware you are). What's odd is that I have no problem with the concepts embodied by this, only with a certain way of talking about it.

3. Name-brand clothing. This is most irritating in one of two forms. Clothes which proudly advertise the maker's name across your chest just make me think you're so stupid that you need to be constantly reminded of the name-brand social identity you've constructed for yourself. High-fashion folks (and I know a couple) are even more irritating, though. No, I don't care if those shoes are Prada. It only makes me think that you're so stupid that you can't think of anything better to do with your money.

Ha! Obnoxious and proud of it!

So, six people I'd like to be equally obnoxious: maastrictian, eclectician, dificultosa, psychick, immaculatepizza and bneuensc. Have fun!
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