September 13th, 2005

WiFi Excitement

The only reason why I don't spend every sunny afternoon working in Central Park (now that I've got a great laptop with long battery life) is because they don't have internet access. Well, now they're starting up WiFi in both Central and Riverside Parks. And they're going to have it up by the spring! I'm so very excited!

I was considering moving, but now I really can't. Being near green space is one of the big perks of my current apartment, even if I'm rapidly running out of bookshelf space.
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Statistics Excitement

Right now I'm bouncing up and down because I got into an online section of my Stats course; this means I free up four hours a week of classroom time, and can now take one of the other courses I wanted since I don't have scheduling conflicts. Even better, I don't have to sit and listen to my fellow students be terrifyingly confused about how to take an average. (Seriously. And this is at Columbia!!)

God, I'm such a geek. But in such a good way. :)
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Gloria Mundi Report

Fantastic session last night - one of our best in a while, I think. We started out with downtime wrap-up; fortunately, everyone had about the same amount of material to wrap up, so we spent an hour or so dealing with individual player concerns. Marcus got a brain-dump from us about Filii stuff (religious-social-political organizations), Aniketos talked to some very angry Assamites, and Idir got his mind blown for reasons I can't really describe in a public setting. Then we wrapped up downtime with a narration of the major events of the second half of the downtime. Players seem to be taking to this style of play really well, as it went even better than last week's initatiatory narration (bringing the players into downtime with a sense of what's going on in the world around them). They've started involving each other in their mini-narratives, for one thing, and have gotten less afraid of trying to do stuff that's a little more extreme.

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