January 3rd, 2006

Split Identity

Hi folks:

So, I haven't been updating this thing for a while, for the simple reason that it's not fish enough for me (though it's plenty fowl!). I have no problem sharing my personal life and thoughts on here with my friends, but it's not professional enough for me to be writing about my research, reading and other thoughts, which is the writing I really need to be doing.

For that reason, I've started a separate blog at replayable.net, where I invite you all to join me. It's kind of new and I'm still figuring things out, but I'd really like to keep writing on it regularly, and to find a way to balance a better blend of professional and personal content.

Two things you may want to know.

First, I will be setting up an RSS feed to LJ so that those of you who don't want to visit the site separately don't have to. Watch this space for more information!

Second, I will still be writing private (friends-only) posts, which Wordpress permits as long as people log in to the site. Please drop by and create an identity so that I can give you permission to read my more private posts! These posts unfortunately won't show up in the RSS feed, so you may want to drop by the actual site occasionally.

I may still post here occasionally, especially when it's stuff I really don't want associated with my more formal identity. But the bulk of my writing is going to happen elsewhere. I'll still be reading and commenting on other people's journals, though, so you won't get to miss me too much!

My New Year's resolution is to write five substantive posts a week - whether about books, my research, games, storytelling, you name it. Commenting by friends will help, so I hope you'll come visit me at my lovely new (very red) site!
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Well, good news: I found a plugin that will automatically send any posts I make on replayable over to here. Feel free to continue to watch this space!

Still, be aware:
1. private posts won't show up here; you'll have to log in to replayable to see those
2. I'll only periodically be checking back here for comments (though if people get very commenty here, I may check more often!)

Thanks for bearing with the technical changes, guys. :)
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