May 2nd, 2006

Crisis Mode Activated

If you’re waiting on anything from me (email responses, hanging out, planning events) that isn’t drop-dead crucial, please excuse me while I go deal with my academic crisis. I just found out that the book chapter I’m writing, which I thought I’d have a couple more weeks to finish, is due Right Now. That plus a statistics final on Monday, a paper due Tuesday, and an ongoing research project is making me more than a little crazy right now.

This may not stop me from procrastinating by, say, occasionally talking to people now and then, but please don’t count on it. If you need me for something important in the next week, make sure you say so!

Murphy’s Law

I wasn’t sure today could get worse. Hence, naturally, it just did.

I won’t be certifying in February; it’ll be next June before I can start working seriously on my dissertation.

I’m definitely having a drop-out-of-grad-school kind of day.