May 24th, 2006

Help Wanted

Anyone with a World of Warcraft account willing to help out my class?  I had about half-a-dozen kids want to play, today, and only two accounts to let them play with.  If you’re willing to share your account, I’ll make the following commitments:

  • I’ll only let them use it between 10am and 3pm CST tomorrow and Friday, so if you’re an evening and weekend player there’s no chance of overlap.
  • I will personally supervise them to make sure they don’t touch any existing characters.
  • I will make sure they have no access to your password or any other account information.
  • I will get them, if you want, to send you a thank-you letter for letting them play.

Many of these kids have real problems with traditional school, and this class has been a transformative experience for them.  If you could help out, it would mean a lot to them (and to me!).

If you’re willing to help, change your account password to “helpk1ds” and email me the account name.  I need two to four more accounts, so if you can post here if you’re planning to participate I’d appreciate it.

Also, if there’s something problematic about this idea that I’ve overlooked, just post about it today before I actually put this plan into practice.  Thanks!