July 24th, 2006

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Back from a lovely trip with the boy through Belgium and the Netherlands; the vacation was much, much-needed and turned out to be a fantastic time, even if we’d been planning to head to Israel up until the last moment.  (And, in retrospect, what felt like chickening out seems to have been a wise decision.  Well, I wish it hadn’t been.)

Even better, I came home to discover that Everyday Heroes, the book that the boy and I co-authored with Phil Brucato, is up for the Ennies!!  We’re up for the Best Supplement award, and we also made an honorable mention for Best Writing, so, uh, I’m feeling pretty cool.  If you wanted to go vote for us, I wouldn’t be averse to the idea.  :)

Thanks to that little piece of news, I’m not even dreading sorting through two weeks worth of email, paying this month’s bills, and the like.  I feel like a superstar!