August 7th, 2006

Stabbity Stabbity Death

It’s been that kind of day.

First: for various logistical, financial, and personal reasons, there will be no GenCon in my immediate future.

Second: some lovely person without any sense of data management decided they had to email me a TWENTY MEG FILE, thereby screwing my email into the back of beyond. I mailed them a basic primer on sending files, but I’m still missing any and all email from the weekend. Gah.

Third: I just had the “It’s August ALREADY?” moment. Not fun.

On the other hand, there are compensations. Yesterday’s wedding - an utterly bizarre and wonderful friend of mine from college, and her superhero wife - was absolutely lovely. It was one of the nicest ceremonies I’ve ever been to: simple and short, but with plenty to reflect both their personalities. My favorite moment was the personalized vows, in which Liz promised to respect Ann-Marie’s “non-mammalian critters” and let her put her unnaturally cold feet on her belly. Just as lovely: many, many people that I love were there, and they all looked well and happy, and there was a tiny baby made out of people that I know and care about, and my friends still love me even though I’m a terrible correspondent.  Wedding, happiness, love of many kinds - this was all very good.

The upshot? I’m just pretending that it’s still yesterday. Then today can, will and should suck less.