August 9th, 2006

Better Now

As above: better now.

Thanks for those who emailed or posted messages of support.  Things are not actually so terribly bad; I’m even feeling kind of flush, having just been unexpectedly paid for a job I did several months ago.  The real issue was a crucial meeting with the people who hold the purse-strings of my grant, upon which rests my continued participation in the graduate endeavor.  The meeting’s in five minutes, with a followup on Friday.  Fingers are pretty severely crossed.

So, yeah, I could have afforded GenCon - but I can’t really afford to pay next year’s tuition out of my pocket, and that made the choice for me.

On the bright side, I have people willing to spend lots and lots of money on my behalf to bring me back lovely new games, and I’m going to plan a game-playing orgy for this weekend and pretend I’m at GenCon, and I am also full of hope for this meeting, which I am for once actually prepared for.

Wish me luck, folks!


What an unfortunate acronym for “Physically Interactive Games.”  On the other hand, this dissertation from Tampere (aka the home of much gaming-research goodness) sounds like it takes a thoughtful and thorough look at the topic of games you play with more than your fingers.  As a designer, I find the affordances that physical play provides to be really inspiring - and as a player, I’m a dancin’, guitar-playin’, skateboardin’ fool.

The whole dissertation’s available at that link; I’m putting it on my reading list, but if anyone gets to it before me, I’d be curious to hear what you think of it.

Aaaand …

The fix is in.  The meeting went fabulously well - in fact, I’ve never had such a good meeting with this particular guy - and, assuming Friday isn’t a total disaster, I will be continuing to receive beautiful, beautiful moneys.

Maybe I can get them to give it to me in singles so I can swim around in it, like Scrooge McDuck.

Tiny Little Outfits - Squared

When I was in Belgium I went to see the Manneken Pis, on the theory that that’s what one does in Brussels.  (One also eats gaufrettes until one bursts, but that’s a different story.)  Much to my amusement, I learned that the statue has over six hundred different outfits, and gets dressed up differently on every day of the year.  In fact, there’s a non-profit organization, Les Amis de Manneken-Pis, that’s in charge of arranging the boy’s costumes.  I kid you not.

Sugar Bush Squirrel, though, puts Manneken to shame, with over one thousand tiny squirrel outfits.  Sugar Bush vs. Manneken, anybody?