October 6th, 2006

Recruitment Help Wanted

Once again, folks, I could use your help.

I’m trying to finish up a research study on storytelling in various media for a conference in December, and I find I still need a few subjects. I’m using a non-random sampling method, which, among other things, means I get to ask people I know for suggestions and it’s totally legit. (I love it!) So I thought I would post and ask you guys whether you could help me out by suggesting your friends, friends of friends, etc.

Here’s what I need.

I’m looking for writers, this time around - some who write primarily fan-fiction, some who write primarily original fiction. They should be unpublished, except online, and participate in online communities surrounding their activity.

I’ll be asking them to participate in a 90-minute interview via IM about their writing and storytelling practices. Since the interview is online, it can be scheduled more or less at their convenience, and hopefully it will be fun as well. (I know I enjoy conducting them!) They will also have to agree to have their information used in presentations or publications, though I will see that everyone I reference is anonymous.

There’s no such thing as having too many participants - at worst, I’ll have to ask some people to wait until next semester! So if you, or someone you know, is willing to participate, please email me at jh2354@IHATESPAM.columbia.edu (removing the IHATESPAM of course).

As usual, folks, thank you so much!