February 10th, 2007

Creative Act, 2/10

I’m declaring today’s creative act (theme of love and sex, remember?) to have taken place while running 7th Sea today. I managed to take our motley heroes and get them each into bed with a different member of the same family. The amnesiac courtesan got the Count, the young and handsome swordsman hoping to become noble ended in the Countess’s bed, the tough-as-nails pirate captain landed the rebellious eldest son, and the pirate-posing-as-swordsman’s-servant spent a pleasant few hours with the family’s illegitimate daughter.

When they all discovered from each other what had gone on, I think they - players as well as characters! - were a bit squicked.  On the other hand, it was both funny and sexy, and I really liked the formal structure of it.  I think my favorite bit was when the Count, having rather destroyed the courtesan’s clothes, sent her back to her friends in nothing but a thousand-guilder fur cloak and pearl necklace.  Very The Secretary.

See, even if it’s not easily documentable, I consider roleplaying to be an art form. Also my boy is offering to take me on a really nice date but I don’t want to miss my creative act for the day. :)